Hong Kong education gadget Kindergartens

Hong Kong education gadget

In Hong Kong, kindergartens and kindergarten-cum-child care centres (hereafter collectively known as "KG") offer offerings for youngsters from 3 to six years antique. The goal of kindergarten education in Hong Kong is to nurture youngsters to attain all-round improvement within the domain names of ethics, intellect, body, social skills and aesthetics; to develop appropriate habits so that it will prepare them for life; and to stimulate youngsters’s hobby in gaining knowledge of and cultivate in them tremendous studying attitudes, with the intention to lay the muse for their future studying.

Primary training

The government objectives to provide a balanced and various college training that meet the distinct want of our college students; help them increase knowledge, values and capabilities for similarly research and personal boom; and decorate students' biliterate (i.E. English and chinese) and trilingual (i.E. English, Putonghua and Cantonese) capabilities.

Number one education starts on the age of around six and there are 6 years of schooling at the number one level. There are three modes of operation inside the primary colleges, particularly AM, PM and complete-day. Advocated by means of the authorities, most primary schools are adopting whole-day operation. Chinese language is the language of instruction in maximum schools with English taught as a 2nd language.

Because the curriculum reform on the basic schooling stage in the 2001/02 college yr, there has been enhanced mastering and teaching in school rooms. Students are actually playing a extensive variety of gaining knowledge of activities and there are enhancements in college students’ familiar abilties, values and attitudes. They're becoming independent freshmen. Schools retain to evolve the crucial curriculum to satisfy college students’ needs. By way of constructing on their strengths and stories, colleges can improve their curricula to help students better develop their lifelong gaining knowledge of talents and nurture their entire-character development.

Secondary training

There are three main types of local secondary schools – authorities faculties which might be operated by the authorities; aided faculties that are fully subvented with the aid of the authorities however run through voluntary our bodies; and private colleges, some of which acquire financial assistance from the government. Authorities and aided faculties deliver a curriculum advocated by way of the government. They offer unfastened and secondary schooling.

Except, there are a few worldwide faculties which offer non-local curricula and serve ordinarily non-chinese talking college students and overseas nationals.

To cope with the demanding situations of the twenty first Century and the demands of the rapidly developing information-based society, the authorities has carried out the three-yr new senior secondary (NSS) curriculum at Secondary four in September 2009.

This flexible, coherent and varied curriculum objectives at catering for college students’ numerous hobbies, desires and competencies, as well as nurturing college students’ complete-individual improvement and lifelong mastering abilities. The first cohort of NSS students graduated within the summer time of 2012.

All students can now advantage from 6 years of secondary training. At the give up of Secondary 6, students take one public examination - the Hong Kong degree of Secondary training (HKDSE) examination, which replaces the former Hong Kong certificates of training examination and Hong Kong advanced stage exam. The primary HKDSE exam changed into held smoothly in 2012. The HKDSE qualification has won massive reputation regionally and international, in worldwide benchmarking research together with the NARIC (country wide popularity statistics center) record and the Tariff machine of the universities and faculties Admissions provider (UCAS) inside the united kingdom. As of June 2014, a few 170 overseas tertiary institutions, consisting of renowned universities which includes Oxford and Yale, have customary the brand new qualification for admission purpose, and greater are being brought. (details are to be had at:
publish-secondary education

The government strives to offer more than one observe pathways for secondary faculty leavers, with multiple entry and exit points. A number of them will study bachelor’s diploma programmes direct after completing HKDSE. Some will pick out to study sub-diploma programmes. Upon commencement, they can pursue take a look at in pinnacle-up degree programmes (i.E. “2 + 2” arrangement) and achieve their undergraduate qualifications.

At present, there are 20 local degree-awarding establishments (9 publicly-funded and eleven self-financing ones) in Hong Kong. Other than undergraduate programmes presented, students also can pick a extensive variety of sub-degree programmes, various persevering with and vocational programmes that quality match their hobbies and capacity.

We adopt a -pronged approach of selling the parallel improvement of the publicly-funded area and the self-financing quarter in growing publish-secondary education in Hong Kong. In academic 12 months 2013/14, over one-third of the relevant age cohort may have the possibility to pursue degree-degree education. Taking sub-degree locations into account, almost 70% of young human beings will have get entry to to publish-secondary training.
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Hong Kong education gadget Kindergartens
Hong Kong education gadget Kindergartens
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