How To Stop Bullying! Evoke The Power That You Actually Have Within You!

Let's define bullying first before we begin with what one must do to stop the bullying? Bullying is defined as "Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, manipulate, or aggressively imposing domination over another and or others." In other words, a person or group of people or a company focuses their attention on another or others in neither praising nor uplifting ways. In still others words, they use their so-called "power" (it's not power at all) to influence and manipulate others to try to make them feel bad and or stop exposing their "bad" behaviors and "wrong" doings. Wrong doings is defined here as hurting another or others because of one's own fear, low self-esteem and or harmful product.
I first must say this, any person or group of people or company, who are of a mixed opinion of them-selves, is a potential for being a "bully" and eventually a "victim" as well.
For example; there are many elementary or high school student who were verbally and or physically abused by their parent or parents; who now pray upon others (you). In other words, they have been hurt as well, and they are lashing out. Always remember this. It will help you a lot when I ask you to "do" something that will help them and your situation.
Mixed is defined in this context as a person or people or a company who has an idea that something is terribly "wrong" but does not know how to heal it or fix it. And thus, chooses to ignore the issue; and in some cases actually tries to suppress this knowledge from getting out into the public view. If a person is actually doing very well; they'd be blissfully standing on their own two feet celebrating, not only their own lives, but the lives of others who they're interacting with as well. The fact is, they (bullies) are scared, and rightfully so. These normal acting people and or companies are drawing nearer and nearer to them-selves major personal disasters that will either wake them up to heal their pain and issues or it will help to destroy them. I say normally acting people or companies because when you haven't raised your low self-esteem (habitual negatively feeling producing thoughts/ideas about oneself and others), you, in most cases automatically act in this detrimental way to self and others. Thus, becoming a bully.
Think about this. A person or company who is automatically thinking very good feeling producing thoughts about themselves and their products, will not, nor could be a bully, nor a victim. They feel too good about themselves to try to suppress another; and if a problem does come up they don't try to hide it, like bullies do, they eventually fix it, and in doing so they honor them-selves. I am not asking you to ever confront the bully. There is a way to help that "bully" heal from the comfort of your own home.
In order to heal what's causing these "bullies" to pick you out you must begin the processes of healing/changing the internal negative feeling producing dialog about yourself and significant others; whether you are presently playing the "bully" role or the "victim" role. This is extremely important. Most people try to suppress the bully. However, there is something else going on behind the scenes; that both the bully and victim do not understand. If they did every body would choose different roles! I will explain!
If you understand how your current beliefs (your current thinking and judging of self and others) actually affects your life and what and who shows up in it, you would then understand how important it is to immediately begin raising your self-esteem; because if you don't, somebody else will eventually take over the "bullying" role.
Consequently, if you think about it, all so-called "bullies" and "victims" are people who are suffering with their own self-image and self-worth. This "self-worth" issue is usually caused by some of the well-meaning parents' interactions and suggestions with the so-called victim. Don't blame them. Believe me, they are doing the best they know how. Think about this; why does a particular person get bullied when there are literally 100's even 1000's of other people to choose from? There is a common thread that's occurs in every bullying and victim's experience. Do you have any idea what happens to the "victim" who heals/changes/raises their self-esteem and self-worth? They stop getting bullied! Every time! Do you know what happens when they raise it really high? They begin thinking loving thoughts about the bully that actually helps the bully! Think about this, smash somebody and they'll probably try to smash you back. Learn to raise your self-worth and return love in the privacy of your powerful mind and they'll leave you alone! Try it!!! You have nothing to lose, and all to gain. And what you'll gain is, the knowing that every thought you think hits its target; whether it's a loving thought or a hate thought! No exceptions.
There is 1000's of studies showing thoughts instantaneously reaching others. Don't take my word for it, look it for yourself! Do you have any idea what happens to the "bully' when they heal/raise their self-esteem? They stop bullying and start protecting the so-called bullied! But when they raise it really high they teach the bullied about how special and amazing and powerful they actually are; how amazing and special you are! I pray this helps you in search for answers.

By David K Olkkola
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How To Stop Bullying! Evoke The Power That You Actually Have Within You!
How To Stop Bullying! Evoke The Power That You Actually Have Within You!
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